Local SEO Versus Local Searches

Local SEO

Local SEO Versus Local Searches

Local search engine optimization, also called local SEO, is a popular way for smaller companies and small-to-medium sized businesses to compete with larger companies and be noticed. Local search engine optimization is like organic SEO in that it’s also an online process affecting the visibility of an individual web site or a physical web page on the first page of the paid results of a search engine called “organic” or “unpaid” results. Organic search results are the web pages and sites that come up first when a user types in a search query in the major search engines. Unpaid results are web pages that come up at the very end of the searches – after the user has hit the submit button. The term “local” describes how the web pages and web sites affect both the user and the search engines in the same way that organic search results would affect organic search results. As in organic search results, local SEO is a way to get a high search result ranking on the paid search results pages of the search engines.

The way that a Local SEO strategy works is that a small, local business will have a webpage (or more than one) that is dedicated to highlighting positive information about the local business. These pages should not just be sales pages, but instead page highlighting news, information about the business, discounts, events, and anything else that can be found relevant by a searcher looking for what the business offers. These pages should be on top of the list when a searcher performs a local search for products and services related to the local business. This way, searchers will not only have an option to click on the local business listing when they are performing searches, but they will also be shown other pages that are related to the local business, resulting in even more exposure.

The main goal of the Local SEO strategy is to optimize the website for a specific set of keywords. To do this, the Local SEO firm will take a look at how a business is ranked in the search engines for those specific key phrases. If the rank of that business is high, the firm will work with that company to see if they can optimize the site for those key phrases as well. Doing so will allow a business to gain more visibility to the local audience.

How does Local SEO benefit the local businesses? First, it allows them to benefit from increased website traffic, as more people perform searches related to the keywords used in the business’ name. This in turn, allows them to receive more advertisements and more website traffic. More traffic leads to more customers mean more money generated from the end of the month. More money generated means a more successful business and more success lead to more repeat visits and more business success. This ultimately leads to more satisfied customers and a satisfied customer means a loyal customer… and that’s the ultimate goal of Local SEO strategies.

The second major benefit of Local SEO is that it can lead to increased advertising revenue. Since more people are searching for a business by using the key words used in its name, more people will see ads for that business displayed in their search results. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in sales. Of course, more sales also lead to more profits. And that is what all Local SEO strategists want. More profit, more customers, and more profits – that is basically what Local SEO is designed to deliver.

So just exactly how important is it to be found in the search results? This again is extremely important. If you want your business to succeed on the Internet, it absolutely must be found in the search results in order to grow and prosper. This is because without being found, there is nothing to drive traffic towards your site.

This does not mean however, that your business should be buried deep in the middle of the search results pages. It simply means that you need to make sure that you are providing as much useful information as possible. For example, if you have a physical location, you want to be visible in the search results for your key search terms. You can do this by ensuring that you have as many articles published pertaining to your business on the web as possible. You can also do this by posting blogs about your physical location on the web and making sure you have links to your site from other relevant websites on the web. By employing all of these tactics, you should be able to see your business listed higher in the search results when someone is looking for a particular term related to your business.

As you can see, both Local SEO strategies are extremely important for increasing visibility on the web. However, Local SEO gives searchers the ability to instantly find your website, whereas the latter strategy tends to give them the impression that your business is significantly larger than it really is. Therefore, which one you choose depends entirely on your goals and budget. While it may be tempting to implement the former method in the hopes that you will eventually grow to be more successful, the reality is that you can never gain any real traction with Search Engine Rankings unless you incorporate both methods.